The 2006 & 2009 IRC Codes Bring Changes

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reprinted from The Builder’s Brief by Creative Architects

Note- Building codes are usually adopted by the cities 2 to 3 years after they are issued.

The 2006 & 2009 IRC Codes Bring Changes

Many cities have already adopted the 2006 International residential code and the state of Texas has approved the use of the 2009 IRC. Both have changes that effect the planning and construction of new homes The International Code Council has published the books Significant
Changes to the International Residential Code 2006 & 2009 Editions which are available from their website. ( This newsletter highlights some of the major changes to the code depicted in the books, including huge changes with Concrete Resurfacing Nashville and much more.

The 2006 IRC has changes that effect:
• Ramps
• 2nd Floor Windows
• Use of Green Board
• Framing Changes
• Outlets
• And More

The 2009 IRC has changes that effect:
• Attic Habitable Space
• Exterior Wall Fire Rating
• Fire Sprinklers
• Address Numbers
• Framing Changes
• Energy Usage
• And More

The Cities, subcontractors and suppliers are all working to understand and implement the Code changes. This newsletter only highlights some of the changes. We recommend talking to the Cities, questioning your subs and suppliers and reading the Code and other books.

To view the newsletter click here for the full PDF version.

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