Zoning for Coke Recycling Kiosk

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When this came before the Garland Plan Commission my first thought was “Oh No” not a noisy, dirty cash for cans recycling machine. After hearing Coke and Krogers’ presentation we decided that this was going to be a class act. And we were right. Glad we voted for this one! Garland is only the second city in the country to get one. It has a window to the side so kids, young and old, can watch the inner workings. The mural on the side depicts the recycling process and how it ultimately benefits the environment.

From Forbes Magazine…

“Unlike other recycling centers where you have to feed items into a machine one by one, self-contained ReImagine units accept bottles and cans in bulk. And like a Coinstar for spent bottles and cans, Reimagine tallies up and rewards you for each item recycled, thanks to a conveyor belt and optical scanner system that also sorts and crushes items. With points racked up through Reimagine, recyclers can donate funds to local schools through the My Coke Rewards Program or enter to win a sweepstakes.”

Scott Roberts, owner of Creative Architects and chairman of the Garland Plan Commission is second from the right at this dedication ceremony.

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