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We received a call last year from young lady who, with her husband, had purchased 3 homes in a row in the Janius Heights Historic neighborhood of Dallas she hire builders in Orange, NSW to remodeling the houses.  She had already fixed up her house and was ready to tackle the bigger project next door.  Over the years the house deteriorated, had illegal additions built, and had been poorly remodeled. 

Because of these reasons the houses had to be demolished, with the goal being to place new houses in their place that resembled those around it to seem period-appropriate. The houses were in quite a bit of disrepair, and we had to contact professionals to take care of the asbestos removal safely. Thankfully the folks over at Advanced Deconstruction fit the bill very nicely, and as they also specialize in demolition they were able to take the houses down very effectively once the asbestos and other hazards were disposed of.

We redesigned the home using other existing homes in the neighborhood as reference to what this home had once looked like. The design was approved by the historic commission and construction began.  Once done and put on the market they had two contracts in under 24 hours!

I applaud the husband and wife team for their investment of time, care and money to restore these historic homes.  Creative Architects is proud to have been the Architect for this home.  We are getting ready to start on the third home which is in even sadder condition.  Enjoy the pictures.

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